Legal Informatics
CS204/Law4019 Spring 2016-2017

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The management of information is crucial to the proper functioning of any legal system. A good legal system relies on information about the world itself (such as evidence of who did what and when) as well as more purely legal information (such as deeds, licenses, court rulings, statutes, contracts, and so forth). Legal Informatics is concerned with the theory and practice of managing such information.

This course is an introduction to Legal Informatics. It describes technological innovations relevant to the legal system and outlines challenges and opportunities produced by these innovations. The course includes lectures by leading authorities, papers, and hand-on exercises.

This site contains materials for Lessons 5 and 6 of the course. Click on the Lessons link at the top of this page to access these materials. Click on the Canvas link to access materials for the other sections of the course. The Piazza link provides access to a forum for discussing the course with the instructors and other students.

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