Computational Law

Term Project Report

In order to get credit for your term project, you must submit a final report. The content of the report should reflect the content of your project presentation, except with full detail and with the benefit of having completed the project. The report is due by midnight on June 4.

The report should start with a statement of the problem being solved, why it is important, and how your solution addresses the problem. It should include a description of the design of your system - the user interface (as appropriate), the data, and the rules. It should describe the challenges you faced in building the solution. And it should summarize the relevance of logic programming to the task. How did the technology help or make the work more difficult. Finally, you should include a listing of your rules and data, either in the report itself or in separate files.

Note that there no constraints on the length of the report. A perfect report could be as short as 2-3 pages long (not counting code) or it might be 20 pages long. That said, brevity would be much appreciated.

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