Computational Law

Assignment - Bar Exam

The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) consists of 200 multiple choice questions covering a wide range of legal topics such as civil procedure, contracts, criminal law and procedure, commercial transactions, evidence, land use/real property, and negligence/torts. The MBE is offered in person several times throughout the year, and the scaled scores are published shortly thereafter. Based on prior MBE exam questions, sample test questions are offered online. Click the link below to see examples of such questions.

Bar Exam Sample Questions

Your job on this assignment is to formalize the data contained in one of a question of your choice. Invent a suitable ontology and use it to encode the information given in the problem and to encode any relevant common sense facts. In the end, the information you have encoded should be sufficient to allow a legal professional to answer to question correctly.

Note that this is a very difficult problem. It has never been done before in any systematic and comprehensive way. Work on this assignment is essentially a bit of Legal Informatics research. You may not be completely satisfied with your answer. However, it is a good problem to illustrate the challenges of ontology design in the context of Computational Law.