Computational Law


Lesson 1 - Computational Law
  Lecture - The Legacy of Hammurabi (Genesereth)
  Reading - Introduction
  Reading - Rules As Code (Mohun)
  Reading - The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules (Scalia)
  Assignment - Teaming
  Assignment - Projects

Lesson 2 - Data
  Lecture - Ontologies and Data (Genesereth)
  Reading - Datasets
  Assignment - Sorority World
  Assignment - Data in Sierra
  Assignment - Movies
  Assignment - Project Ontology and Data

Lesson 3 - Definitions
  Lecture - View Definitions (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Operation Definitions (Genesereth)
  Reading - View Definitions
  Reading - Operation Definitions
  Assignment - Views in Sierra
  Assignment - Operations in Sierra
  Assignment - Game of Life
  Assignment - Project Definitions

Lesson 4 - Regulations and Contracts
  Lecture - Formalizing Regulations (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Formalizing Contracts (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Challenges (Genesereth)
  Reading - Computable Contracts (Surden)
  Reading - A Cure for Health Insurance "Sludge" (Genesereth)
  Reading - The British Nationality Act as a Logic Program (Kowalski)
  Reading - No Vehicles in the Park (Schlag)
  Assignment - Presentation Topic
  Assignment - Constraints in Sierra
  Assignment - Pelican Hunters
  Assignment - Project Regulations

Lesson 5 - Compliance Management
  Lecture - Introduction (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Turbotax (Agarwal or students)
  Lecture - Symbium (Mohapatra or students)
  Lecture - Formally (Vavrovsky or students)
  Assignment - Assessment

Lesson 6 - Regulatory Analysis and Contract Management
  Lecture - Introduction (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Insurance Portfolio Analysis (Preston)
  Lecture - Inconsistency and Gap Analysis (Enci)
  Reading - Insurance Portfolio Management (Genesereth)
  Reading - Insurance Portfolio Analysis as Containment Testing (Carlson)
  Assignment - Assessment

Lesson 7 - Legislation and Contracting
  Lecture - Introduction (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Autonomous Legislation (Thibault or students)
  Lecture - Technology-Driven Changes to Laws (Mohapatra)
  Lecture - Adaptive Law (Pentland or Greenwood or students)
  Lecture - Deals Among Rational Agents (Rosenschein or students)
  Reading - Rules and Standards (Schlag)
  Reading - Autonomous Legislation (Thibault)
  Reading - Deals Among Rational Agents (Rosenschein)
  Assignment - Assessment

Lesson 8 - Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
  Lecture - Introduction (Genesereth)
  Lecture - Case-Based Reasoning (Ashley or students)
  Lecture - Argumentation Theory (Walton or students)
  Lecture - Predictive Analytics (Katz or students)
  Lecture - Crowd-Sourced Justice (Ast or students)
  Reading - A Brief History of the Changing Roles of Case Prediction (Ashley)
  Reading - Argumentation Theory (Walton)
  Reading - General Approach for Predicting the Behavior of the Supreme Court (Katz)
  Reading - The CrowdJury, a Crowdsourced Justice System for the Collaboration Era (Ast)
  Reading - Artificial Intelligence for Adjudication (Ho)
  Assignment - Assessment

Lesson 9 - Regulatory Implications
  Lecture - Introduction (Genesereth)
  Lecture - How Technology Could Change Our Concept of Law (Sheppard or students)
  Lecture - Government By Algorithm (Engstrom or students)
  Lecture - The Natural Language Dilemma (Ma)
  Reading - How Technology Could Change Our Concept of Law (Sheppard)
  Reading - Government By Algorithm (Engstrom)
  Assignment - Project Report

Lesson 10 - Legal Informatics
  Lecture - Overview of Legal Informatics (Vogl)
  Reading - The Coming of Age of Legal Technology (Vogl)
  Reading - AI, Work, and 'Outcome-Thinking'
  Reading - Law's Information Revolution