Computational Law

Assignment - Datasets in Sierra

The goal of this exercise is for you to familiarize yourself with Sierra - an interactive development environment for Epilog. Click here to open a Sierra window in your browser. In a separate window, open the documentation for Sierra. To access the documentation, click here.

Read though the first five sections of the documentation and reproduce the examples in the Sierra window you opened earlier. Once you have done this, experiment on your own.

Read Section 9 of the documentation and practice using the capabilities described there for saving and loading configurations. These operations are extremely useful in developing Logic Programming applications. You can stop work and continue right where you left off on another day. You can easily exchange demonstrations with others by sharing config files. And you can submit config files to satisfy the requirements of course assignments.

Submission details: You are not required to submit anything for this exercise. It is purely for you own benefit. We will be using Sierra throughout the course, and you should become familiar with it as soon as possible.